Monday, April 23, 2007

What is the Jew?

A Strange Creature

The Jew is a peculiar creature to say the least. They are characterized by large noses, love of Satan, hatred of Jesus, and love of gold, gems and everything shiny. The average Jew is terribly weak and as a result cannot engage in melee fighting. Because they lack any significant strength, the only close quarter combat they practice is slicing their dicks with small razor sharp knives. Whenever they need to destroy an opponent they silently take over the means of production within their enemy’s society. The best tactic used by these pesky trolls has been to import large amounts of wild Negro dancers from Africa into their foe’s society and enact laws and regulations under which the original people are overrun and out danced by the Negros until they are extinct. The Jew has a close affinity with bagels and abstract art (art that means nothing to anyone unless you’re really fucking stoned and you like pretty colors). Female Jews can be found in large groups hunting and scavenging in Bloomingdales whilst the males prefer Banks, Courts, and Government offices. They are a greedy species and will cheat one another for a shinny penny if necessary. The Jews’ achievements include the creation of masons, communism, abstract art, propaganda, nigger expansion, anti-Christianity, Hollywood, IRS, and Woody Allen.

The younger male Jews can throw their razor sharp hats like a boomerang whilst the older ones can easily crush all white people in a given city with propaganda, - although this particular attack takes a decade or two to cast. The female Jew can kill a man swiftly and silently by letting him fuck her and then releasing the poison acid in her vagina to burn his dick off. Sometimes the female Jew will create a child with a non Jew just so the child can eat the father upon its birth. Both males and females of this dreadful species are extremely hazardous and a Gentile (non-jew) should exercise extreme caution at all times.

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