Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jewish magazine 'Forward' Taken to Task

W. Lindsay Wheeler said:

Yehezkel Dror writes that "When Survival of the Jewish People Is at Stake, There’s No Place for Morals". What about the German peoples' survival? Uh? Hypocrites? What is another name for Communism? Who is the creator of Communism? What is the end goal of communism? Another name for communism is Marxism and why is it called Marxism? Because Karl Marx created. What is another name for it? International Socialism. What is the end goal of International socialism? One World Government. In order to have International socialism, in order to have One World Government, the people have to be deracinated. Embedded in International Socialism, embedded in communism is a Deracination Ideology. International Socialism/Communism/Marxism also has another word---Jewish Bolshevism. Communism and this deracination ideology is Jewish ideology. What do you think Rosa Luxemberg wrote her "Nationalities Question" for? What is ONE of the purposes of the Spartacus/Communist league of Weimar Germany? To deracinate the German people in order to fit them for International Socialism's New World Government. Jewish Bolshevism is about deracinating the world. Political Correctness was coined in the 1920s Soviet Russia. This is the Jewish goal for the rest of us. Is Yehezkel Dror so ignorant of his own people's involvement and creation of communism and its deracinating effects? It is alright for the Jews to destroy other races but it isn't alright for the German people to defend themselves against Jewish Bolshevism?

Hypocrites. The Double Mind. Isn't what Yehezkel Dror commends is exactly the rational for the National Socialists? You attack European Culture all the time and you have spread your poison to the rest of Europe, you deny any European the right to defend his race but go to any length to preserve yours.

You are nothing but hypocrites of the highest order. Adolf Hitler and the German National Socialists already took Yehezkel Dror's opinions and practiced them. Who first threatened genocide? It was Jewish Bolshevism and its deracination ideology. I suggest you read Rosa Luxemberg's "Nationalities Question". You threaten all other people and when they defend themselves against your prededations---you call them "Nazis".

You people are sick.