Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lying motherfuckers at jew-owned San Francisco Chronicle...

...Claim overwhelming majority of Californians favor granting citizenship to illegal invaders. Utter bullshit. This is not going to end without a fight, kikes and lefties. Murdering degrading genocidal nation-wrecking scum, all of you.

Quote chronicle:
"More than four in five California voters support giving legal residence to illegal immigrants, according to a statewide public opinion poll to be released today."

Oh Yeah? According to who? Not me... not my family.. not my friends.. WHO?!?

"It's important that we get a bill done," Bush said Monday. "We deserve a system that secures our borders, and honors our proud history as a nation of immigrants."

Will someone please start packing the guns? These kikes, and piece of shit traitor JORGE BUSH must go NOW.

Read the rest of chronicle's kike/marxist garbage HERE.

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