Friday, April 27, 2007

What is anti-semitism, and from where does it originate?

Being Jewish means never having to say you’re sorry, or even answer your critics. It is noted that you never actually addressed any relevant points made. So, come on–tell us how there were not five dancing Jews filming and celebrating the attacks on WTC on 9/11. Tell us how you like to see people in jail for questioning your hoax of hoaxes.

Being Jewish also means thinking that you never have to explain or get to the reality of terms you’ve coined. “Holocaust,” “antisemitism,” these are words that Jews have made up in order to obscure reality.

“Holocaust” is supposed to name the “Systematic extermination of mainly Jews by the German Nazi regime during World War II.” It also happens to be the name of the single alleged historical event that is above questioning. Historians as well as the general public can make outrageous allegations and interpretations of history with not much more than a peep. However, mention that there was a swimming pool and an orchestra at Auchwitz, or that there are records of German soldiers being punished for mildly mistreating prisoners (far milder than what is allowed according to the U.C.M.J.), or that Eli Wiesel never mentioned gas chambers in his book on the “Holocaust,” or that the “soap and lampshades” slander has been quietly withdrawn, or that there was a “six million dead Jews” claim after World War I, or any number of the dozens of facts that show the “Holocaust” for what it is–another Jewish lie.

Those who genuine souls who seek truth need nothing more to pique their interest than the knowledge that, in the countries in question with regard to the “Holocaust,” it is literally against the law for researchers, scholars, and the general public to come to a differing conclusion than the one handed down by the management. Heretics of the “Holocaust” religion are in prison at this moment for saying that the Earth revolves around the Sun coming to a different conclusion about what exactly happened to Jews in Europe during World War II. Philosophers have always had a hard time saying anything conclusive about “truth,” but I think most would agree that truth never needs the force of law and violence behind it.

“Antisemitism.” This would come close to explaining my position if I hated Semites on the mere basis of them being Semitic. I have nothing against Semites, but yes, people (including myself) don’t like Jews! Indeed, I join an illustrious group of men such as Martin Luther, Henry Ford, Voltaire, and hundreds of others in my distaste not because Jews are Jews, but because of what Jews do, like here, here, here, here, and here.

We say “no.” We rebel against your intellectual tyranny and hatred by all means, and we will fight you for every inch. Rebellion is back, and like so many times before in history, the population is waking up to what you Jews are doing.

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