Monday, April 14, 2008

Spic Crime free-for-all Nationwide

But Let's look at Watsonville:

A 22-year-old Watsonville woman was arrested late Sunday as an accomplice in the attempted murder of her children's 21-year-old father. The father was flown to a San Francisco Bay area hospital after he was shot in the head during a high speed car chase on the outskirts of Watsonville, officials said Monday.
Natalie Gonzales was taken into custody in the Las Lomas area about a half hour after the 6:34 p.m. shooting, which led to a two-car crash at the intersection of Green Valley and Amesti roads, officials said.

The California Fish and Game warden stopped Gonzales while she was driving a black Escalade-style pickup, which was seen fleeing the scene of the crash, leaving in its wake two cars, a green BMW and a white GMC pickup, said Lt. Phil Wowak, a spokesman with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff/Coroner's Office.

Gonzales, believed to be a passenger in the Escalade at the time of the shooting, eventually took over driving. The alleged shooter, a Watsonville area man, fled from the vehicle shortly after the shooting and is now the subject of a police search, according to Wowak.

Shell casings from a semiautomatic, however, were found inside the Escalade at the time of Gonzales's arrest, giving investigators enough evidence to book Gonzales on charges of attempted murder and weapons violations, Wowak said.

Officials are not releasing the name or the description of the shooter -- other than to say that he's believed to be in his 20s.

The father, who'd been driving the BMW, had to undergo brain surgery early Monday morning, Wowak said.
"He's not doing so good," said Wowak of the man's condition.

According to Wowak, Gonzales told officers during the investigation that the couple has two children together, but Gonzales did not say what the motive behind the shooting was, and didn't reveal the shooter's whereabouts.

"She's being less than cooperative," said Wowak.

According to police reports, the shooting occurred while the BMW was chasing the Escalade northbound on Green Valley Road after some words were exchanged between the occupants of both vehicles.

A passenger in the BMW was shot in the leg and was treated at a local hospital.

The two passengers in the white GMC pickup, which had been traveling southbound on Green Valley Road, suffered minor injuries and were treated locally.

Wowak said that after the driver of the BMW was shot in the head, he lost control of the vehicle and nearly collided head on with the white pickup, which rolled over.

And the average White citizen is trapped in the middle of this. The statistics speak for themselves. We were far better off without them and their ridiculous gang culture.