Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Celebrating Cesar Chavez: MLK of the Bean Nigger

Watsonville inundated with aliens, takes on the forms and heroes of the aliens. Just what in the hell does Cesar Chavez have to do with hip-hop?

Dancers from Synergy Studios strike a pose after performing “Dance Medley” Friday at the Watsonville High School Dance Club Scholarship Fundraiser at the Henry J. Mello Center.
Cesar Chavez weekend began with a whirl of salsa, meringue, folkloric and hip-hop Friday in the Henry J. Mello Center in downtown Watsonville.

High-energy dancing rallied the crowd of more than 200 high school students, parents and people from the entire community for the event put on by the Watsonville High School Dance Club.

“I told the guys, ‘Don’t be nervous, just go out there and dance,’” hip-hop dancer Luis Sanchez said.

Sanchez, who choreographed the hip-hop group’s dances along with his friend Noel Chavez said he first got into dancing because he likes the hip-hop culture.

This kind of crap has become the dominant culture in very large regions of the nation formerly called America. When do real Americans get to start shooting?

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