Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mestizos Riot in downtown Watsonville

According to the Watsonville Register Pajaronian: " One man was seriously injured and four others were detained Wednesday following a street brawl between about 20 young men in downtown Watsonville. "

Strangely, they prefered to designate the incident "a huge fight". As usual the predominately mestizo nature of the crowd was left undisclosed.

"By the time police arrived at Carr Street and East Lake Avenue at 3:15 p.m., one man was crumpled on the ground beneath a tree and another victim was being carried away by others involved in the fight. Several others involved in the fight scattered through the neighborhood as four males hopped into a gray GMC Yukon and sped away, Watsonville police Sgt. Craig Tanaka said."

I think the bigger story here is the general incompetence and uselessness of the state police system. Apparently it is better suited to terrorizing private citizens for not wearing their bibs and seatbelts, than solving actual crime or keeping the peace. In any case, will the last Westerner to leave Watsonville please turn out the lights?

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