Thursday, March 29, 2007

Santa Cruz Sentinel Purchased by Wall Street Journal

The Sentinel recently announced its purchase by jew dominated Wall Street Journal:

Dow Jones & Co. announced a new organizational structure Wednesday that will divide the company into three business units, one of which will include both the print and online editions of The Wall Street Journal.

It was the first big move by Richard Zannino, the former chief operating officer of Dow Jones who took over as CEO from Peter Kann at the beginning of February. Kann has remained as chairman.

Dow Jones owns Ottaway community newspapers, which the Santa Cruz Sentinel is part of.

If you doubt the media and government are run by and for a highly leveraged, highly wealthy mafia of jews and jew-appeasers, this purchase of the sentinel is yet another example.

Background on jewish media manipulation:

For more information on Dow Jones Co. and jew Kann see:

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