Friday, March 30, 2007

Let’s You and Him Fight, Says Jew Neocoward

From Vnn:

Committing suicide, one step at a time

by Benjamin “I’ll lie, if you’ll die” Shapiro

Posted: March 28, 2007

How far will the West be pushed?

Translation: jew spends every waking moment subverting the West, then leaps to rally its military the minute it finds it useful in taking out potential enemies of Israel. There is very little of the jew’s day not spent in manipulating others for its own benefit.

For decades, Iran has embraced a strategy of carefully feeling its oats, prodding at the West, testing our mettle in inches.

Those who think jews make their way by hard study and native brilliance rather than nepotism need to consider that the student who wrote this ridiculous sentence was admitted to Harvard Law School. You can be sure no simple goy who wrote (syndicated!) crap like that would make the cut, but jews admit jews, just as jews discriminate against non-jews in every single sector in which they’ve achieved control, and that most certainly includes Harvard and its law school.

“…carefully feelings its oats…” - classic

Jews such as Ben spread lies about WMDs. They ignore the fact that Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons and threatens every country around it. This real and growing danger goes unmentioned while the captive media focus on the apocalyptic possibility of Iran developing a single nuclear weapon for self-defense. Double standard? Of course. That’s the beauty of owning the media: you can lie all day long, and the public is too dumbed down to catch on. Demonize and destroy, demonize and destroy - the new tax and spend, itz! Whites supply the blood and money, jews supply the goading and lies.

Now, like Germany in 1938, Iran is beginning to realize that the West will do nothing to stop it. Crippled by a pathological aversion to war,

Even for a jew that’s a gasper. “Pathological aversion to war”? How many countries are American troops in again? Aren’t our boys being killed fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq at this very moment?

Madly pumping the accelerator, the jews refuse to acknowlege their American Buick Boobicus is out of gas.

In the end, they’ll abandon the car and trudge back to town, cursing about our unreliability. Why, brave boys like Bengy would have been willing to sacrifice the very last Aryan youth, rather than Israel go unexpanded.

America and Britain sit by silently as Iran develops nuclear weapons, fosters terrorism in Iraq and targets Western interests for total annihilation.

This reads like a joke, but remember this pup is a syndicated columnist, a major-house author, and a student at Harvard Law School. The jews have spent decades dumbing down the public through anti-intellectual public schools, resulting in a market for this kind of comic-book politics. America and Britain sat by silently when jews took over their governments, resulting in slavish and extremely expensive support for Israel, at the expense of relations with the rest of the known world. The beautiful part here is that Israel, however many nukes it has, grows increasingly isolated from and hated by the rest of the world, and for very good reasons. Israel is nothing but an asylum for swindlers. It is a threat to every nation in Europe, not just the Middle East. The Internet, thank god, allows the rest of us to see what’s going on. Even the dogs at Free Republic are beginning to sense they’ve been duped. “My kid died in Iraq for Israel, and all I got out of it was a giant tax bill and a draft letter calling my other son to go fight Iran.”

Never ever is little Benji’s ass on the line.

You ever notice that about jews?

They prefer to use you to do their dirty work.

They’re more the sit around eating and lying and profiteering type.

It’s clear what the parasite gets out of its relationship with the host. What do we get out of our relationship with the jew? Nothing but scorn, lies, tax bills, and spilled blood. The jews are a parasite using us for their own ends, while filling our ears with garbage about a West they, by definition, are not part of, and in fact hostile to.

Iran’s latest test for the West is its abduction of 15 members of the British Royal Navy. Iran feebly claims those sailors were found in Iranian waters. In truth, Iranian forces crossed into Iraqi waters to take those British sailors and marines prisoner. The abduction was no innocent mistake by the Iranians – it was planned in advance, designed to achieve the release of five Iranian Quds Force members arrested in northern Iraq, designed to place pressure on the West more generally.

Yes, we’ve heard lies about who was where back in Lebanon, where jewish soldiers were captured. If the jew says it, the likelihood the opposite is true approaches 100%. Mossad carries out false flag after false flag; Israel either murders Americans itself (USS Liberty), or allows them to be murdered without passing on the information they are to be attacked (Beirut barracks bombing), but always the other guy is the troublemaker and “threat” according to koshervision.

Hours before the U.N. was to decide on the issue of harsher sanctions against Iran, the Iranians seized the British. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was scheduled to speak to the U.N. regarding the sanctions, cancelled his appearance.

The Western response has been tepid. Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain says British efforts to obtain the sailors’ release will enter a “different phase” if current negotiations fail. That “different phase” would include releasing evidence that the Iranians had entered Iraqi territory to grab the British sailors. That “different phase” would not, however, entail expelling Iranian diplomats from Britain or contemplating military action. In other words, Britain will act miffed, but not miffed enough to secure the release of their troops.

Which is precisely the course the Brits ought to take, according to the international left. Like Agamemnon, the international left is willing and eager to sacrifice countless military Iphigenias to appease radical Islamist gods.

How many Americans have been sacrificed to appease the bloodthirsty jewish neocons running our government? Six thousand and counting. How many innocent Iraqis have died in the jewish liberation campaign? An untold number, but quite possibly in the seven figures.

Useful idiots like former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray are coming out of the woodwork to blame coalition forces for Iran’s hostility. “In international law the Iranian government was not out of order in detaining foreign military personnel in waters to which they have a legitimate claim,” Murray told Al Jazeera. “For the Royal Navy to be interdicting shipping within the 12-mile limit of territorial seas, in a region they know full well is subject to maritime boundary dispute, is unnecessarily provocative.” Loudmouth ignoramus bovine Rosie O’Donnell has likened Iran’s seizure to the Gulf of Tonkin incident, implying that coalition forces led by America would use the seizure as a manufactured excuse to go after Iran.

Yes, Americans have never done that, except for Tonkin Gulf, Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, WTC demolitions, Oklahoma City, and on and on. As always, when the jew runs its mouth, down is up and black is white.

Murray and O’Donnell aren’t alone. The newly minted Democratic Congress has already demonstrated its willingness to undermine American credibility with regard to Iran. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has announced, “Congress should assert itself and make it very clear that there is no previous authority for the president, any president, to go into Iran.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid agrees: “The president does not have the authority to launch military action in Iran without first seeking congressional authorization.”

The right thing to say, but we’ll see what they do.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Congress has continued to pursue a policy of pre-emptive surrender in Iraq,

How can we surrender to a country that we attacked? At the behest of liars like jew Shapiro? Only a jew could describe pulling our troops out of a destroyed country as surrender. As always the jewish parasite mimics the Aryan’s language of honor. But it is just that - mimicking. The jew uses the language of honor — bravery, appeasement, surrender — but he does not feel it. They are just words to sucker in those who will serve his purposes. If the jew were really concerned, he might put his own ass on the line. But that’s the one thing the jew never does. You saw how quickly the kikes, even with their vastly superior, America-supplied weaponry tired of doing actual physical battle with determined fighters of Hezbollah? That got old real quick, fighting people who could fight back. Easier to kick back at Harvard and pluck heartstrings in flyover. Make use of the well constructed legends to call up yet another army to do yet another real battle with yet another imaginary enemy.

emboldening both violent sectarian militias and the Iranian regime. The Democrats’ proposed timetable proposes precisely the strategy that led to devastating defeat in Vietnam – which is, of course, what the Democrats want, since they can then blame President Bush for “his” disastrous Iraq policy.

Like every jew ever heard of, Shappy refuses to take any responsibility for the failed policies he advocated for years. Being jewish, and controlling the media, means never having to say you’re sorry. You just put on a new mask, don a new disguise, and have right back at ‘em with a fresh round of lies. It will keep going like this until the Shabby “Shappy” shapiroes are done away with physically.

Two centuries ago, several Muslim states seized American ships and sailors on the high seas, demanding tribute from the United States. For decades, the Americans complied. Then they created a navy. Under Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, America struck back, forcing Tripoli, Tunis and Algiers to sign treaties forswearing piracy at gunpoint.

One century ago, Moroccan bandit Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli kidnapped supposed American citizen Ion Perdicaris. Teddy Roosevelt famously responded that he wanted “Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead,” and dispatched seven battleships and a marine detachment to Morocco. The incident ended with the safe return of Perdicaris.

In 1967, the jews of Israel murdered 34 American sailors on the USS Liberty. In 1983, the jews of Israel refused to pass along information that the marine corps barracks in Lebanon were to be attacked. Hundreds of Americans were killed.

The U.S., under jewish control, continued to funnel money to Shapirostan at the tune of $10 million a day.

America’s real enemy — only enemy — is the jews. Whether in Isarel or at Harvard.

Today, a dramatically hostile Iranian government – a government that has sent its soldiers across the Iraqi border to harass Iraqi and American troops, a government that supports terrorism throughout the Middle East, a government that is quickly developing nuclear weapons for use against our allies, a government that kidnaps coalition soldiers and holds them on trumped up charges – is met with nothing but sighs of indignation and huffy posturing. How long will it be before the West tells Ahmadinejad he has “missed the bus”? And how long after that before the West is forced to face up to the consequences of its own fecklessness?

This is pure comic-book fantasy. The reality is that America is controlled by jews, and those jews are using our troops and money to attack innocent people. When do we begin attacking the guilty jews like Shapiro?


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