Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ohnoez! Border Controls Means A Few More Cents for Strawberries

Apparently the newspapers abide by the philosophy that too much propaganda is never enough. In this case, Watsonville's only notable "industry" (Agriculture), is simply another opportunity to stab Americans in the back. What should have been a story on remarkable Strawberry yields turned out to be a pro-immigrant lecture.
Many farmworkers never left after the last season because the strawberry cycle is nearly year-round, said Jess Brown of the Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau.

“I have not seen workers moving around like they used to for five years,” said strawberry farmer Elia Vasquez. “Workers are more settled.”
Well, these 'settled' people are no good for agitating against traditional America and the status quo, eh subverters? We must solve this by bringing in more money-grubbing, America-hating trash:
Still, Vasquez said last year’s farm labor shortage will likely continue this year due to more severe enforcement against illegal immigration.

“They need to leave a window open for people to come and work in agriculture, whether through permits or whatever, or we are going to lose agriculture in the U.S.,” Vasquez said.
Who gives a rat's donkey what a "Vasquez" says about American immigration enforcement? Americans are perfectly capable of planting and picking fruit. Anyone who says otherwise is a Vasquez or a jew. Thanks to these fools, Watsonville is just another Mexican dung clump.

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