Friday, July 18, 2008

The Curtains Close On America

No one can make an honest living anymore or simply hold on to a modest parcel of property on which to live and raise their family without fear of being eaten alive by economic predators - whether it's through taxation of everything we need to survive - from property to milk to gas to the clothes that we put on our backs - or by outright theft through pyramid schemes legalized by state legislatures or the courts bought off and bribed by the local arms of international corporate gangsters.

All the while Americans are walking around dazed and confused as if in a drunken stupor - not knowing who they are or why they exist and struggling just to survive or to find someone to love to make their miserable existence worthwhile.

The great Hoax of Home Ownership. Even when the loan is paid off, you owe taxes on it until the day you Die. You don't own your property, You lease it from the government.

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