Sunday, July 8, 2007

White American Native: Weep for what we have lost

Do you remember what America used to be like? I do:

Men had not yet been emasculated through government school and media sensitivity training. A young family started off able to buy a home because the government didn’t extort half of a man’s income (the only thing they paid the Fed was in postage stamps) and the family wasn’t competing with waves of illegal immigrants who pack two to five families into a two-bedroom house.

Mothers didn’t work outside the home in those days—they were mothers. Mommy was always there to fix scraped knees and hot meals. Parents felt safe to let their children play outside (men took the responsibility of keeping their neighborhoods safe). Communities were close in those days. Everybody knew each other and attended church together. Grandma and Grandpa lived in the back house and the Cousins lived around the corner.

Folks tended their gardens in the morning, worked at their trades through the day, read the bible at supper and sat on the porch talking of all of it into the evening. The family always prayed together at bedtime. Saturday morning was for hunting or fishing and Saturday evening was for entertaining friends and family; women busied themselves with the preparation of food (in which they took much pride) and men folk talked (between gulps of bourbon and puffs of the pipe) of theology, history and the neighborhood. Sunday was a day of rest which always started with church. Sunday evenings were usually a family affair.

People left their doors unlocked and it was safe to walk down the narrow streets. It was a different world. It was a better world.

Though I’ve only witnessed America as it was in the smallest glimpses, my Grandfather grew up in that world and greatly mourned its passing. By the time he died he was a relic of a bygone age and he knew it. America had become something foreign and wholly unrecognizable to him. He told me many times how no one in his day would have believed it if you’d told them of what was to come. He said, “They’d ‘a thought you were a sandwich short ‘a picnic.” They simply could not have imagined that America would purposely discard her past, breaking with all things of constancy— religion, land, history and heritage. The idea of our own government taking part in the purposeful eradication of our White Christian people seemed too much like fictional ranting of the pulp and dime novel writers.

The nature of this societal dismantling is so holistic that even those in the church are largely blind to the fact that they’ve traded in nearly all their civics and social theory of their forbearers for a new social orthodoxy. All the old heroes of American history are now considered the villains. History is now itself regarded as racist and religiously bigoted not just because it was written by White Christians but also because most of it is about White Christian nations and peoples, as they were not only the writers but also the primary players in most of recorded history. But to say that is also racist. So world history is now being strained and filtered through the multicultural paradigm of the new age—any reassertion of the old Christian view of history is hypocritically labeled “Revisionism”.

The truth is officially banned. The tolerance-cult will not tolerate truth and virtue as defined by God. Those who utter such sentiments are heretics before the new humanist prelates. As such, they oft suffer the heretic’s fate—ostracism, disenfranchisement, imprisonment and in some instances…death.

The peoples with whom we are being systemically replaced have no love of our heroes and history. They don’t visit the historic sites of America, save for those that relate to the ‘civil rights’ [sic] movement. They don’t watch documentaries about the great American colonies unless the focus is on the fictions of Aboriginal genocide and the slave trade—wholly for the purposes of vilification. They don’t open books about high medieval architecture under any circumstances. They see the manifold blessings wrought by God through ruddy hands to be nothing but a memorial to the collective evils of Paternalism, Chauvinism and Racism. These they understand to be the warp and woof of Christendom. They call good evil and evil good.

Even in the church, other peoples don’t bother themselves, as Whites do, with any theological nuance. Their expression of the Christian religion appears in its highest form as nearly indistinguishable from a séance or a congregation of demoniacs. They rarely, if ever, attain to any semblance of orthodoxy (possible exception noted for certain Asian groups). Even the most theologically conservative Blacks consider the jugernaughts of the faith such as Luther, Calvin and the Puritans to have been monsters. They unabashedly proclaim the Communist machinations of the civil rights movement to be the zenith of Christian history. Theirs’ is not a difference of politics, but an inversion of Christian Cosmology en toto.

Though they may not all hate Anglos and Anglo-Christian culture, they are in the best cases, indifferent to such things because they have their own cultures and their own heroes. The best of them really couldn’t care less about our cultural heritage. America is not, in their opinion, a place to be preserved; rather, it is to be remade into something that it never before resembled. To the sea of invaders who now overtake us America is good so long as it is nothing like it was intended by its founders to be—a White Christian Libertarian society. America is good so long as it isn’t allowed to be American. Similarly, Europe is good so long as it is never again European.

The systematic dissociation from White American history is so comprehensive that the average high school social studies text allocates a chapter to Martin Luther King Jr. but affords George Washington no more than a paragraph (in which he is denounced as a racist)! And we are even told that the standard American history texts are now being written by Mexican professors inorder to impart a more “culturally sensitive” view of the American conquest of the Southwest. That translates to blatant assertion that Whites “stole” Mexican land and now consequently owe all the fruit of our people’s toil to the displaced Aborigines. Other schools have simply eliminated history as a subject altogether.

The erasure of our civilization is also seen in the academic black-listing and expungement of all literature written by Whites. They’ve replaced the high prose of Shakespeare with the yarns of urban jive “poets”. Melville, Wordsworth, Hawthorne, Kipling—all replaced by the diaries of Che Guevara, Anne Frank and various Negro dissidents.

Hispanics, Blacks, Jews and Muslims are individually and collectively promoted to be the cultural, social, ethical, sexual and racial superiors to European Man. They regularly speak of “killing all Whites” and are applauded by secular priests for such “acts of courage”. And though we Whites still pay all the taxes, uphold the remaining vestiges of law and order, and fund all the charities, we are universally forbade from expressing any racial, cultural or religious solidarity with other Whites or even with European American heritage in general. Mass cries for White genocide are considered ‘courageous’ but Whites who dare to raise objection to their own liquidation are ‘filthy Bigots’.

As we now recede from history, we may soon pass from all memory— a people unlamented. When we pass into the night no one will care about all those things that our people found so important because those things are now and ever have been far from the thoughts and affections of those who now eclipse us in number. We were a hated majority despite our unique benevolence toward ‘the other’ but we’ve since become the despised minority as ‘the others’ surge in population. This trend has been exponential and will likely continue until the one remaining White Christian Male breathes his last.

I yet hope against hope but the Demographers are unanimous on the issue—European Man, as a race, will be extinguished in the next two centuries. Nothing short of a miracle will reverse the current path on which the White Man has embarked. Western Civilization hangs by a thread—Europe, the people of Japheth—they carry with them the seed and the seedbed of Christendom. The Orthodox Christian Faith is a uniquely European phenomenon and absent that blessed heritage it seems that the world will slide precipitously toward the base proclivities of the stygian jungle. God forbid.

May He preserve in our posterity a remnant for His namesake.

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